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We have one of the most lucrative compensation plans yet conceived.  Come see how your life can change.

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Our Shoppers Club offers the most powerful VISA card on the market.  Earn while you shop and earn for spreading the word.

We live up to our motto of 'Moving Forward, Giving Back'

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Michael Pollaci
I would like to thank you for taking a look at what we are doing at the Black Shopping Channel.  My name is Michael and I am the team leader & founder of the 'Our Turn' team of BSC distributors.  The Black Shopping Channel is an exciting program that has changed my life and the lives of the people on my team.  Whether they have established businesss, or are building one through the Black Shopping Channel opportunity, our members, across the country, are finding great success in their partnership with the BSC.

If you are like me, family is the most important thing in your life.  However, in your current situation, finding the time and resources to spend with them and enjoy all the little things that create lifelong memories is nearly impossible.  The Black Shopping Channel Opportunity can change that for you as it has changed my life over the past few months. 

Business owners will find the opportunity to advertise their products on television, which was before an unobtainable goal, the chance of a lifetime to grow and expand their current operations to heights they had only dreamed of in the past.  People, without businesses of their own, can build a legacy of generational wealth for themselves and their families no longer toiling to build wealth for someone else.  No longer struggling through life so their boss can have time away with his family and freinds.  No longer earning nickels when they need dollars. 

Our Turn is the most dynamic, innovative and progressive BSC team in the country.  Come join the Our Turn team and you too can have access to all the exciting things we are doing to maintain our sucess and our standing as the premier Black Shopping Channel team in the country. 

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